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SIGMA POWER Batteries are specially designed for wide range of applications to provide better performance & longer life. Sigma Power batteries are capable of withstanding Deep discharge & Overcharge.
These are the heat sealed batteries manufactured by using the thicker plates to ensure the performance & life of the battery in the rigid conditions.
Sigma Power Batteries requires very low maintenance as the TOP Up frequency is very low as compare to the normal batteries.
The positive & negative plates are pasted types. The high quality PVC material is used as the separators which acts as an insulation between negative & positive plates. The plates are surrounded by the glass wool separators which helps to keep the plates wet & prevent them from the damage.
Heat sealing ensures the protection against leakage & corrosion.


Strong Containers are made of high quality polypropylene material, thus provides the overall protection against damages.

Available Range : 80 Ah. To 200 Ah.



  • Industrial Inverter
  • Domestic Inverter
  • Online UPS
  • Offline UPS
  • Power Generators